The Higher Drama course is also taught in units although some of these may be interlapping.

We would only expect pupils with Credit grades in all elements of the standard grade course or an A in Intermediate 2 to access this course. In some instances we will accept pupils wishing go do a “crash” Higher if we are satisfied that they meet certain criteria to be judged on an individual basis. 

  • Higher Drama
    • Investigative Drama
    • Study of a text in it’s theatrical context
    • Contemporary Scottish Theatre

Investigative drama allows the pupils to script and direct their own sections of a drama based on a chosen theme. They must also make decisions on which theatre arts they will employ to enhance the drama. The final production will be performed in front of an audience during school time. We do offer an invitation to any parents who would like to attend this performance to come along and join the audience.

Study of text allows the pupils to learn more about a play from a prescribed list and to study it’s origins and how it may be performed for an audience. The pupils will write an essay based on this study and produce a dramatic commentary on a given extract in their final exam. They will also act an extract from this text in their practical exam.

Contemporary Scottish Theatre allows the pupils to study Scottish plays and/or playwrights and to learn about the concerns and themes within these plays. They will write an essay based on their studies which could include social, religious and political dimensions or issues of gender. They might also study the use of history, nostalgia and popular tradition or issues relating to current productions.  The pupils will also act an extract from a Scottish drama for their practical exam.

The acting and written parts of the course are both worth 50% each.