Advanced Higher

The Advanced Higher drama course is also taught in units although some of these may be interlapping.

We would only expect pupils with a Grade A in Higher to access this course.

  • Advanced Higher Drama
    • Devised Drama
    • 20th Century Theatre – Theories of performance
    • Drama : Special study

Devised Drama allows the pupils to script and direct their own dramas based on a theme from a prescribed list. They must bear full responsibility for this drama including decisions on which theatre arts they will employ to enhance the drama and the use of media within the performance. The final production will be performed in front of an audience, in the evening, and invitations to watch the performance will be given to parents and friends by the students involved.

The second unit allows the pupils to study the theories of two 20th Century theatre practitioners and to relate these to contemporary theatre. They will also focus on the lives of these practitioners and what their relevance is to modern theatre practice. They will write two essays based on their studies in the final written exam.

The special study allows the pupils to focus on one play from a prescribed list and study the original production of the play and the characters, themes and issues pertaining to the text. They will make a choice of acting, directing or designing from this text and prepare a report for an external assessor who, after reading this report, will come to the school to assess the pupils in these practical aspects of the course.

The practical and written parts of the course are both worth 50% each.